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Snowboarding & Skiing Box Rail

Our Box Rail is a long, flat and straight riding surface. The larger surface of a box makes it more forgiving than the traditional rail and is extremely fun. The Backyard Box Rail is a great box to learn on as you master your craft. No backyard is complete without one.
The Backyard Box Rail dimensions are 15" (wide) X 18" (high) X 10' (long).
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Snowboard & Skiing Classic Rail

It's where it all began. The classic rail. It's long, narrow and ready for tricks. The classic rail is a must have in any park, including your Backyard.
The rail dimensions are 4" (wide on top-the base is wider) X 18" (high) X 10' (long).
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Snowboard and Skiing Table Top

The big boy! You want big tricks then jib on the BackYard BoxRail Table Top. Very much like our boxes, only It’s 2 feet wide and is great for all your tricks. If you want a park in your backyard, you need a Table Top. It measures 2’ wide, 18” high and 10’ long.
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Snowboard & Skiing Kink Rail and Box

So, you want to step your snowboarding or trick skiing up a bit? It's time to the kinks out. Add some more tricks and excitement with a kink box or rail. You see them in the park and now it's time to see one in your Backyard. Your friends will never leave (don't tell that to Mom).

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